Hey there!

I'm Hanson, a student (on gap) at the University of Southern California studying an integrated degree in business, design, and computer science. Currently, I'm designing at Apple.

After discovering a market for my high school habit of overdesigning slide decks, I started my own mock agency. My first commission was a logo for my summer camp boss. Since then, I've learned a lot as a designer. Nowadays, things rarely get stale. With every new project, I find the in-between strategy just as exciting as the final implementation – whether jumping head-first into research, running a design critique, or even the occasional dev work.

I'm still working on ways to show my process and there's also a lot more I wish I could include, but NDAs and all that. Have a question, a suggestion, or just want to say hi? Shoot me a message at h@nsonl.com.