Punchcard · Shopping local on autopilot

Punchcard makes it easy to subscribe and save to small businesses. At college, I found it hard to compete with the price and efficiency of mega-mart latte when the (objectively tastier) alternative at my local coffee shop costs $6.50 and a half-class-period's worth of time in line. So, in the spirit of supporting local, I spent a semester building Punchcard from the ground up with a few friends from school. We were awarded a few small grants to get us going, and I jumped right into determining market fit, creating wireframes, and conducting user interviews. While it is no longer ongoing, it taught me so much about design, product, and community.


  • Research & Strategy

  • Visual Identity

  • Product Design

  • User Testing

An overview of Punchcard – shopping local on autopilot.

Punchcard's visual identity is kept intentionally simple to avoid overshadowing the local businesses it supports.